Constitutive Act of the Multicultural Association called ArteAnticAlberobello

In the year two thousand and eighteen, on the 15th day of February in Alberobello in the premises of the temporary headquarters located in Viale Putignano, n. 2, in the presence of volunteer benefactors, unknown, who, following meetings and verbal agreements made, jointly and severally, agree to create a non-profit Multicultural Association, called “ArteAnticAlberobello”, with the purpose of social and cultural promotion, tourism initiative through the organization of cultural, promotional, recreational, sports, editorial and civic and social solidarity activities , according to the rules that are listed below in chapters, articles and paragraphs, an integral part of the association regulation which is listed under the name of:


Article 1 – Constitution and Denomination

Established pursuant to Article 18 of the Italian Constitution and in compliance with Article 36 of the Civil Code, the Association for social promotion called “ArteAnticAlberobello” which pursues the exclusive purpose of social, human, civil and cultural solidarity, promoting development and research
local, enhancing local resources, promoting communication in general and that relating to new media, supporting all forms of artistic expression, encouraging the search for new ways of participating and sharing knowledge and experiences with the benefit not only of the members but also of third parties.
The Association is governed by this Statute and any regulations that, approved according to the statutory rules, become necessary to better regulate specific association relationships or activities.
The Association is established in compliance with the rules of the Italian Constitution and the Civil Code and current legislation.


L’Associazione con domiciliazione legale in Viale Putignano, n 2 , 70011 Alberobello (BA) ha sede attualmente in Viale Putignano, n 2 , 70011 Alberobello (BA) e potrà istituire o chiudere sedi secondarie, sezioni o uffici di rappresentanza ovunque in Italia, anche in altre città d’Italia o

The Association with legal domicile in Viale Putignano, n 2, 70011 Alberobello (BA) is currently based in Viale Putignano, n 2, 70011 Alberobello (BA) and will be able to establish or close secondary offices, sections or representative offices anywhere in Italy, also in other cities of Italy or abroad by resolution of the Board of Directors.
The seat can be transferred with a simple resolution of the Assembly.

Article 3 – Duration

The duration of the Association is unlimited.

Article 4 – Purpose

The Association does not pursue even indirect profit-making purposes, it operates exclusively for the purposes of social solidarity,
cultural promotion, with the prohibition of distributing profits or operating surpluses as well as funds, reserves or capital during the life of the Association, unless the destination or distribution is required by law.
The Association is non-party and will adhere to the following principles:

  • No profit
  • Democratic structure
  • Electivity and gratuity of corporate offices

The spirit and motivation of the Association originate in compliance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Italian Constitution that inspired the Association itself and are based on full respect for the human, cultural and spiritual dimension of the person.

Article 5 – Aims

In order to pursue its social goals, the Association in particular proposes:
a) to establish personal relationships capable of educating and making citizens grow in situations of particular hardship
subjective and social;
b) to be attentive to situations of need present in the area and to be sensitive to the campaigns of
extra-territorial solidarity;
c) promote research, training and experimentation within all social media;
d) participate, promote and organize cultural, scientific, educational, social and professional events;
e) provide help and advice to organizations, bodies, third-party associations that need support for promotion
of events and activities that fall within the spirit of the statutory declarations.
The Association makes use of every tool useful for achieving the social goals and in particular the collaboration with local authorities, including through the stipulation of specific agreements, participation in other associations, companies or bodies with purposes similar or connected to its own.
The Association may also carry out any other cultural or recreational activity and may carry out any economic or financial, movable or real estate operation, for the best achievement of its purposes.
The Association may, exclusively for self-financing and non-profit purposes, exercise the marginal activities provided for by current legislation.

Article 6 – Activities

To achieve the goals set, the Association can organize and manage the following activities:

  • Civic and Social Solidarity Activities.
  • Arrange and manage exhibitions, meetings, conferences, learning and in-depth courses with the aim of Social, Cultural and Artistic promotion.
  • Teaching of the ancient art of building Trulli and making transportable artifacts, in particular the famous trullo oven for baking bread.
  • Courses for teaching: Farmer; Ortolano; Pruner; Grafter; Weaver; Cutting and Sewing; Baker; Stone processing; language teaching.
  • Promotion of publishing and information activities in any form and by any means.
  • Tourism Promotion, Recreational-Sports and Recreational Activities.
  • Activate procedures for the promotion of cultural exchanges between Italian countries and regions, with countries belonging to the European community and also internationally.
  • Building synergies with local, national and international associations dedicated to the protection and promotion of environmental culture and awareness of energy saving and material recycling policies.

The Association disseminates knowledge of the association’s purposes, the activities carried out and the initiatives promoted, in the most suitable forms in relation to its potential and to the recipients of the information. To this end, it can carry out cultural activities: organization of meetings and other moments of associative life, such as conferences and seminars on topics of common interest, with the participation of personalities from the academic, business and institutional world, scientific exhibitions, library institutions, production and screening of films and documentaries that are cultural or otherwise of interest to the members; training activities: preparation courses and advanced courses or in setting up research committees and groups; publishing activity: through periodic newsletters, publication of conference proceedings, study and research seminars, through the preparation of an Internet site; associative activity: meetings, events between members on the occasion of anniversaries, and any socio-cultural initiative.

The activity of the members is carried out free of charge. The reimbursement of expenses actually incurred and documented for carrying out the activities is permitted within the limits set by the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Association, in cases of particular need, will be able to hire employees and make use of self-employment services, also by resorting to its members.

Article 7 – Political Freedom

The Association does not pursue political or trade union purposes, nor the economic interests of the members.

L’Associazione non attua discriminazioni in relazione all’ammissione degli associati, ne in riferimento alle condizioni economiche, che di opinioni politiche o di qualsiasi altra natura.

The Association does not discriminate in relation to the admission of members, nor in reference to economic conditions, political opinions or any other nature.

Article 8 – Distinctive Symbol (Logo)

The Association adopts as its distinctive symbol the icon of a humanoid who sows into the ground with his hand.

Article 9

All those who recognize themselves in the Statute and intend to collaborate to achieve the corporate purpose can be part of the Association in an unlimited number.

Members join the Association against a simple request, for an indefinite period, until revocation by the association or resignation of the member.

The members do not pay any membership fees, they are free members and each operate on their own and independently, respecting what is indicated in the statute.

Article 10

Associates are required to observe the statutory and regulatory provisions as well as the directives and resolutions that are issued by the bodies of the Association within the framework of the provisions themselves.

Article 11

Membership status is lost due to:

  • Death.
  • Resignation: each member can withdraw from the association at any time by giving written notice.
  • When the Association revokes the registration, even without any justification, by giving written notice to the member.

Article 12

Subject to possession of the conditions referred to in art. 9 of this statute, to join it is necessary to submit an application to the Association in compliance with the following procedures:

  • Indicate your name and surname, place and date of birth, residence and profession.
  • Declare to abide by this statute, any internal regulations and resolutions taken by the corporate bodies.

The Association, after deliberation, admits new members by a majority of its members and takes care of the annotation in the relative list. Membership status is lost in the cases provided for and described in Art. 11.

Article 13

The association does not receive funding from public bodies.

The economic resources for the achievement of the purposes for which the Association is addressed and to cover the operating costs of the Association will consist of:

  • the voluntary obligations of members and non-members;
  • from any income deriving from associative activities (events and initiatives);
  • from any other contribution, including donations, bequests and reimbursements due to agreements, which members, non-members, (excluding public bodies) or private individuals, give to achieve the aims of the Association;
  • contributions from international organizations;
  • income deriving from marginal productive activities, and proceeds from the sale of goods and services to associates and third parties;
  • each member will be able to sell or buy, including the Association logo, but free and with his / her exclusive responsibility, with the form of purchase from a private subject, pursuant to art. 1,2,4 and 5 Presidential Decree 26/10/1972 n. 633 and subsequent amendments;
Article 14

The bodies of the Association are:

All members who with their participation contribute to keeping the associative body stable and efficient. And everyone can be appointed to be elected Director, everyone is engaged in the race to do well, with the same ancient way of 2000 years ago.

Signed by all Members